Time to collectRussian art from foreign private collections

Exhibition dates: 14 February to 12 May 2008
Location: The State Russian Museum

The exhibition ‘Time to collect…Russian art from foreign private collections’ offers visitors a unique opportunity to see on display items which have until now been held in various collections from around the world.

The majority of the works in the exhibition are being shown in Russia for the first time. They include artists from the 18th and the first half of the 19th centuries including Fedor Rokotov, Vladimir Borovinski, Karl Briullov and others who were previously known only to a small group of experts.
Western collectors have long been interested in the works of Russian émigré artists, often acquiring works directly from the painters themselves. Consequently, there are entire collections in the West of works by artists who have left Russia, including A. Yakolev, B. Grigoriev, B. Anisfeld and others. These painters are known in Russia only for their early works so exhibitions with works from later periods can trace their development.
The exhibition also includes four works from the Igor Tsukanov Collection – ‘Sangachelling’ by Nikolau Roerich, ‘Duet’ and ‘Dancing on the Beach’ by Aleksandra Exter, and ‘Pierrot’ by Vladimir Yakovlev.
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