03/12/2012Grisha Bruskin "Fundamental Lexicon" (1998).
03/01/2012Three works by Leonid Sokov.
02/16/2012Semyon Faibisovich "Assembly Point" (1989).
02/09/2012The Painting “Holiday # 1” by Ilya Kabakov.
02/01/2012Komar & Melamid "The Bear" (1982).
01/20/2012Ilya Kabakov’s artwork Apartment War #3 (2000).
12/10/2011Komar & Melamid "Onward to the Victory of Communism!"
11/28/2011Lydia Masterkova "Abstract Composition" (1963).
11/28/2011Composition by Svetlana Kopystyanskaya.
11/20/2011New set of plates by Eduard Shteinberg.
09/19/2011The collection of Moscow Conceptualism artists is supplemented with The Entry/ No Entry, a famous picture by Eric Bulatov.
07/25/2011The Sculpture «Dollar» by Leonid Lamm.
07/10/2011The Portrait «Stalin-Lenin» by Eduard Gorokhovsky.
06/08/2011Semyon Faibisovich “Spring is Coming” (1986).
06/08/2011Two Paintings by Francisco Infante-Arana.
05/30/2011A piece by Moscow conceptual artist Igor Makarevich.
05/24/2011One of the most famous works by Alesander Kosolapov has been added to the collection.
05/24/2011Sots Art by Boris Orlov, Rostislav Lebedev and Leonid Sokov.
05/15/2011Two paintings by Grisha Bruskin.
05/05/2011A Collection of Abstract Works by Vladimir Nemukhin, Lydia Masterkova, Lev Kropivnitsky and Dmitry Plavinsky.
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