04/21/2011A New Painting by Nikolay Vechtomov.
04/16/2011Another work was acquired from Oscar Rabinís ďclassicalĒ period in the beginning of the 1960s.
04/15/2011Lydia Masterkovaís Large Canvas.
04/14/2011An Early Work by Dmitry Plavinsky.
02/12/2011The collection has been enriched with works by Oleg Vassilev from the series ďHouse with a Mezzanine.Ē
01/25/2011Several works by Moscow artist Sergei Shablavin have joined the collection.
01/20/2011New artworks of Oleg Tselkov.
12/02/2010New work by Erik Bulatov.
11/17/2010Three early works by Evgeny Rukhin from the artistís family inheritance were added to the collection.
10/09/2010A section of the collection dedicated to the most recent period was inaugurated with a work by Alexey Belyaev-Gintovt.
09/23/2010Igor Tsukanov acquired the series of plates by Erik Bulatov.
09/10/2010We wish to call your attention to one more painting by Oscar Rabine.
08/18/2010New artworks of Dmitry Plavinsky.
07/05/2010One more work of Vitaly Komar and Aleksandr Melamid appeared in Igor Tsukanovís collection.
06/15/2010We wish to call your attention to paintings by Dmitry Plavinsky and Evgeny Rukhin.
04/28/2010Igor Tsukanov supplemented his collection with the artworks of Vladimir Nemukhin and Oscar Rabin.
04/21/2010New artworks of Evgeny Rukhin and Sergei Volkov.
03/19/2010One more work of Alexander Kosolapov appeared in Igor Tsukanovís collection.
01/18/2010We wish to call your attention to paintings by Natalya Nesterova and Vladimir Nemukhin.
12/22/2009A new name has been added to the collection with the acquisition of a painting by Tatyana Nazarenko. You may also view new works by Pyotr Belenok and Sergei Volkov.
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